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Olympus Wedding Package

 Just like Mount Olympus was an excellent party atmosphere for the Greek gods, our base package is superior to most base packages. It includes 2 DJs, 8 intelligent accent lights, and wedding planning help. It creates an excellent experience for you & your guests. Since each wedding is different, we have enhancements you can add to create an even more epic experience. Each enhancement has a Greek god attached to it. So look below to start building your own custom Olympus. (No additional fees for taxes or even to provide dinner)

List of what's in the Olympus Package

6 Hours of Music

8 Intelligent Accent Lights

MC Responsibilities

Wedding Consulting

Sound or DMX Dance lights

A Second DJ/Assistant

Battery Backup

Meet Our DJs

Matt: $1600

Specializes in music mixing, creating an exciting atmosphere, and playing jams you forgot you still love.

Jason: $1600

Specializes in song selection, building an exciting atmospheres, mixing, and large dance parties.

Our DJs have a pricing range due to availability, demand, additional equipment, and other extras.

Additional Enhancements Options

​Lighting/Audio Enhancements

​(Build Y​our Own Olympus)

Next Level Dance Lighting (Hercules)

It's extra in a good way. The spot lights paint the ceiling with textured lighting through cocktail & dinner, then help ignite the dance floor later. The towers the spot lights rest on are sleek and a wow factor that sets the stage to your guests of "this isn't your ordinary wedding". It's called the Hercules Enhancement because it's a flex. The package looks best in rooms with high ceilings and room for the additional setup.

Price: $350 ($250 providing it's a simple load in)

Ceremony Audio (Aphrodite)

Great for onsite ceremonies that need music & or a mic.

  • Provides Music & Microphone for Ceremony

  • Includes additional performance hour for DJ

    Price: $225

  • ***Additional costs if ceremony is offsite

Wireless Cocktail Speaker (Pegasus)

This wireless cocktail system is perfect for venues like Gross Point War Memorial, the Inn at St. John’s, and such that have a separate room for your guests’ cocktail hour.

Price: $150

Sparkular Fountains (Zeus)

Want to really make a grand entrance? Be ahead of the curve and make sure the safe sparks are included in your wedding package. Don't worry, they are completely safe to touch and burn at only 60 degrees!!!!

Price: $300 for two machines

             $500 for four machines

Accent Lighting (Apollo)

Accent lighting takes your wedding to the next level. It brings out the “wow” factor as soon as your guests step into the reception hall. Accent lighting is suitable for many budgets. You can light up the entire room or highlight important areas such as the head table, the dance floor, and main entrance.

Our accent lights are wireless DMX. In other words, they won’t have unsightly cords and when it gets to the dancing the lights begin to fade (not strobe) transforming the entire hall into a fun dance party.

Price: $160 for 8 Accent Lights

              $20 per light, groups of 8

8 Included in Olympus

Monogram (Hera)

Personalize your wedding venue with a custom monogram on either the wall or dance floor. Go next level and have it become a motion monogram!

Price: $175 Standard Monogram

             $250 Premier Monogram

Photo & Video Enhancements

​(Build Y​our Own Olympus)

Selfie Station (Persephone)

This selfie station takes boomerangs, pictures, and gifs. There are filters, digital backgrounds, and digital props your guests can use. The photos can quickly be texted to your guests. All of the pictures are saved in a gallery that you can keep forever.

Pricing: $400

                  $100 additional if you'd like an attendant

Hermes the Camera Man (Hermes)

This is a great option if you're looking for high quality camera footage right near the action. Just like Hermes flew around delivering messages, our camera person will cruise around the dance floor filming the greatest dance moves. At then end, we'll review the footage & create a fun music video highlighting some of the best moments on the dance floor.

Price: $650

Dance Floor Camera (Theia)

Grab the popcorn, kick your feet up, and have a date night watching your dance floor. This is the longest video package we offer...nothing is missed on this camera (outside of 30 second battery changes). This video package works great just to see the dance moves over and over again. This is a 360 camera that is setup looking at the dance floor. We record & add the audio of the music of the dancing so you have clean & excellent sound. It's a fun way to experience the fun dancing moments over and over again. You can cut clips & share them with your friends. If there's a fun clip, let us know, and we can create an Instagram reel with it & post it for you. The best part is you'll also receive your dance music as an MP3 file to have forever.

Price: $300

Wedding Party 360 Camera (Dionysus)

If you have a party animal in your wedding party that loves selfie sticks, this is the video package for you! With the 360 camera, everything will be up close & personal. You'll get a first person perspective of your wedding reception. The 360 camera records at all angles so it is bound to capture the moments you loved about your day as well as many that  you missed! 

You'll receive a 3-5 minuted edited video highlighting the best moments caught on the camera.

Price: $550

Cost Conscious Couples

Wedding planning can be stressful, but it should also be exciting! Jason, the owner, has the inside scoop on weddings. He's experienced hundreds firsthand and is happy to talk with you to give some cost savings ideas based on your preferences. From venue/vendor selection to decor, he's saved couples thousands of dollars along with making the wedding planning and experience easier. Alpha Z Productions is continuing to grow and produce more quality DJs. When needed (and if able to), Jason will work with couples to provide discounted services through pairing you with a trusted up and coming Alpha Z DJ. 

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