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Alpha Z Productions
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Phone Number Change!!!!

Due to dropped calls and texts messages, Alpha Z Productions will be replacing its separate business line with Jason's personal cell, 586.567.0413. With the level of personalized service we provide, it simplifies the process of getting in touch with us. So thank you for your understanding, and please call/text anytime...I'm aways excited to talk about weddings as well as other events; especially yours.

Why Choose Alpha Z Productions?

What makes Alpha Z Productions unique is that it was founded on the idea of service first, music second. Our job as the master of ceremony is to set everyone up for success. That means confirming parents are in the room before announcing any formal dances at weddings, giving a quick microphone lesson to those giving toasts, helping guests become attentive before introducing the speech giver, making sure to have the bouquet before announcing the bouquet toss, hyping up the crowd before grand entrance, etc. We want to make sure everything runs smooth, even if that means taking an extra few minutes. We keep track of the timeline so that you can spend as much time with your guests as possible. Then when it's time for the next formality, we'll find you. It's that simple when you hire Alpha Z Productions to run your event. You're hiring class, professionalism, and some epically fun and creative entertainers for you and your guests.

Behind the Name

Alpha Z Productions

Alpha Z Productions is a spinoff of Alpha Omega, the first and last letters in the Greek alphabet. This is because we are here to service you from beginning to the end. But rather than "Omega", we chose to go with "z", the last later in the English alphabet. The reasoning is because we're not only here to serve, we're here to advise and simplify the wedding planning process so it becomes as easy as "xyz".

Jason Spranger - owner


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