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Accent Lighting

Accent lighting takes your wedding to the next level. It brings out the “wow” factor as soon as your guests step into the reception hall. Accent lighting is suitable for many budgets. You can light up the entire room or highlight important areas such as the head table, the dance floor, and main entrance.

    Our accent lights are wireless DMX. In other words, they won’t have unsightly cords and when it gets to the dancing the lights begin to fade (not strobe) transforming the entire hall into a fun dance party.

Price: $250 for 10 Uplights

              $400 for 20 Uplights

Included in Party & Ultimate Packages

Glow Saber Rental

Take the dance lights to the floor!!! You get the quality glow sabers without breaking the bank!!! Guests get to dance and play with these multicolor glow sabers. Then when they are done using sabers, they simply return them back to the DJ booth.

Price: $75 for first 150 guests

              $25 each additional 50 guests

Included in Ultimate Package

Cold Sparks

Want to really make a grand entrance? Be ahead of the curve and make sure the cold sparks are included in your wedding package. Don't worry, they are completely safe to touch and burn at only 60 degrees!!!!

Price: $300 for two machines

             $500 for four machines

Included in Ultimate Package


Personalize your wedding venue with a custom monogram on either the wall or dance floor. Go next level and have it become a motion monogram!

Pricing: $100 Standard Monogram

                  $160 Premier Monogram

Included in Party & Ultimate Packages


Dance Lessons

You’ve wanted to learn to ballroom dance, but you haven’t had the time. Brian is an excellent teacher who can help you and your fiancé, even if you have two left feet. We provide 4 one hour sessions and will choreography a first dance that you two can perform in front of all of your guests.

Price: $400

Ring Roamer

Imagine a photo booth that comes to you! The Ring Roamer is a portable photo station that comes to your guests. Whether they are at the bar, on the dance floor, or chilling at the tables, the Ring Roamer comes to you. Guests then text the picture or boom-a-rang to themselves with your custom filter. You will receive all of the pictures taken that night in a file.

Price: $400 for 4 hours

GoPro Package

Videography is great to capture beautiful moments...but what about the fun times on the party bus, in the back room, or on the dance floor? With the GoPro Package, it allows you to capture amazing moments as if it was a part of the wedding party itself!

    How it works is you receive a GoPro a few days before your wedding along with accessories and extra batteries. You record whatever you'd like leading up to the wedding day as well as the wedding day itself. At the end of the night, you return it to the DJ, and we create a music montage that sums up the entire day in a short video to share.

Price: $450

Budget Planning Meeting

Weddings are getting ridiculously expensive and couples are going over budget because of lack of knowledge. I love for couples to have great weddings, but what's more important is a great marriage. Budgeting the wedding allows for more money towards a house, kids, and retirement. There is this whole idea of "keeping up with the Jones's" that have couples impulse booking/buying and overspending for things that they wouldn't even miss.

The way this meeting works is simple. I email you a list of services and items commonly used for weddings. This list even details marriage prep fees, stamps, thank you's, and estimated costs of each. After we meet, if I can't find a way to save you at least $500, or you don't feel like our meeting was worth it, I'll wave the fee.

Price: $100 for DJ clients

             $200 for non DJ clients

Wireless Cocktail Speaker

This wireless cocktail system is perfect for venues like Gross Point War Memorial, the Inn at St. John’s, and such that have a separate room for your guests’ cocktail hour.

Price: $150


Looking for something unique and special for your wedding ceremony? Hire Maranda to dazzle your guests with the violin. She is an extremely gifted musician who attended the University of Michigan where she minored in music. She now performs solo at weddings, funerals, and other events. Whether you’d like classical or contemporary music, Maranda can supply it.

Non Religious Ceremony: $175. Includes a half our of prelude music as well as during the ceremony itself totaling one hour. Mic’d sound system is an additional $100.

Religious Ceremony: $225 Includes a half our of prelude music as well as during the ceremony itself totaling roughly an hour and a half to two hours.

Ceremony Audio

Great for onsite ceremonies that need music & or a mic.

  • Provides Music & Microphone for Ceremony

  • Additional costs if ceremony is offsite

    Price: $150


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